Procurement Policy Adherence to Best Management Practices

This document establishes the Procurement Policy for Cogent Fibre Inc. and the requirements for communicating and reviewing the policy. The policy applies to all operations under the scope of the Sustainable Forestry Program (SFP). The Procurement Policy defines the basis for achieving sustainable forestry objectives.

The procurement operations of Cogent Fibre Inc. will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and the SFP. We will not compromise our adherence to the principles of sustainable forestry in order to procure chips for the Savannah Export Facility. Procurement operations will be conducted to adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard (SFIS), principles and to manage wood flow during periods when weather patterns create adverse logging conditions.

Cogent Fibre Inc. does not procure wood from outside of the United States.

Cogent Fibre Inc. will emphasize employee diligence as the best practicable means to continually improve the environmental performance of our operations.

Cogent Fibre Inc. does not purchase stumpage. Cogent Fibre Inc. purchases residual chips from mills, in woods chips and round wood produced by trained loggers. All in woods chips and round wood purchased by Cogent Fibre Inc. are produced by trained loggers.

Cogent Fibre Inc. will never knowingly accept any chips or round wood produced in violation of state forestry BMPs.

The SFP is based on conformance with the SFIS. All employees, company representatives and contractors are expected to act in accordance with this policy.

Roles, responsibilities and training necessary for achieving SFI Standard objectives are defined in the SFP. All employees with SFP responsibilities and contractors delivering wood to the Savannah Export Facility will complete applicable BMP training. All applicable contracts pertaining to chip purchases will require compliance with BMPs. Operations will document BMP training for employees and appropriate contractors.The policy will be reviewed annually by Senior Management and communicated to all employees with SFP responsibilities.

April 2012



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T: 203_-323_-1280