shipping and logistics

Wood chips are one of only a handful of commodities that require custom designed vessels as they are specifically engineered to maximize the economics of this lightweight commodity. Direct experience with wood chip vessels is a key ingredient to successfully selling wood chips. Cogent Fibre has this experience with two wood chip vessels under long-term charter. Having successfully shipped more than three million metric tons, Cogent Fibre is the leading wood chip exporter on the eastern coast of North America.

Experience Matters

Cogent Fibre has extensive experience in all aspects of wood chip logistics; from loading the vessel, fumigating the wood chips, to the ocean transport, both in vessels and containers, and even the discharging and delivery of wood chips to our customer's factories. Whether you are a seasoned wood chip importer or making the switch from roundwood to wood chips, we will be pleased to advise and guide you every step of the way.

Please click on the following PDFs to see a visual representation of our experience and the types of vessels we employ.



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T: 203_-323_-1280