Wood fibre Biomass - Mixed Biomass

Cogent Fibre Mixed Biomass – Ideal for Biomass Fired Power Plants

We produce our mixed biomass by combining our ground wood fuel and our whole tree chips. The result is a fuel that possesses the economical traits of a ground wood fuel and the superior handling characteristics of a whole tree chip.


Cogent Fibre whole tree chips start as whole, base-cut trees. The trees, limbs, and needles are then run through a chipper with the bark intact. The machinery used is identical to that used in our premium paper quality chips, only the feedstock and process are specifically modified for whole chips. The result is a high quality whole tree chip, made of both chips and bark.

Cogent Fibre ground wood fuel is first fed as raw material through a grinding machine, then a sizing screen. Depending on customer’s requirements, the raw material may be ground a number of times to achieve a perfectly sized final product.

Finally combining our whole tree chips with our ground wood fuel in the desired ratio produces our mixed biomass product.


Cogent Fibre’s participation in every step of the production process allows us unparalleled control of the quality and specification of our mixed biomass. We would be pleased to discuss the spec you require; please contact us for more details.



T: 203_-323_-1280



T: 203_-323_-1280